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What are people saying?


Q: I’m new to fitness, and im worried about taking it at my own pace. Is this workout for everyone?

A: Yes! All of our workouts are scaled to the capabilities of the individual! We will never just throw you into a workout that you are not prepared for! We master the basics and make sure that you are ready before moving on to more advanced exercises!

Q: What kind of training do you offer? Cardio? Weights? High intensity intervals?

A: We have found the perfect combination of all of them! Through our experience in the field, we have found a combination to help you get stronger, lean out, and work up a great sweat! All of our training reinforces basic human movements and is sure to get your heart pumping!

Q: Do I have to come the same days every single week?

A: No! You can choose to come any day you would like and they don’t have to be the same each week! We have morning and evening classes so you have plenty of opportunities to get your workout in!

Q: Why are you different? What are your methods?

A: First and foremost we are different because of our family atmosphere. Our trainers care about our members, and we actually hate calling them members! We are a family! Everyone has each others back and there is always strong encouragement occurring. Our methods are based around the basic human movements. We use simple tools and “trim the fat” from our workout, as well as our bodies! There are no smoke in mirror exercises found at DST!

Q: What if I can’t perform the exercise?

A: Our goal is to get you out of your comfort zone, but never beyond your capabilities. Our coaches are all certified and are capable of recognizing when one of our members cannot perform a certain exercise. When this happens, we regress the exercise to a simpler version so that he or she can practice at a level appropriate for them.

Q: How big are your classes?

A: Our classes range anywhere from 1-10 people! This allows to keep a much more personal touch with our family and give you the attention you need! It also allows you to make friends much easier and become a part of the family that much quicker!

Q: What is expected of me?

A:The only thing we expect of our members is to come ready to learn and to do your best. It isn’t always easy getting to the gym and sometimes it’s just a source of relief from every day life. We get that. We want to be the best part of your day, so trust us and help us help you!

About DEA.

DEA Strength Training was created by Strength and Conditioning Coach Kevin Dea.

DEA Strength training was started to help athletes and adults achieve their goals in sports, and in life.

The most important goal of DEA Strength Training is to turn clients and members into a FAMILY. We want to create an atmosphere that facilitates an incredible work ethic coupled with the love and care of family. Our motto is “Live in your Strength”. Whether its physical, mental, emotional, we promote the idea that strength is not merely lifting weights. It is a life long mission that anyone can adapt.

Kevin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Kevin got his started working at his alma mater, Millersville University managing their fitness center and working with numerous athletes. He then worked under Richard McMillan at McMillan Training Systems in Lancaster Pa where he was fortunate enough to travel to the famous DeFranco’s Gym to take part in the first ever Certified Physical Preparation Specialist certification taught by Joe DeFranco and James Smith. Since then Kevin has moved back home to the Philadelphia area where he has opened his own facility in Bryn Mawr Pa. Kevin continues to work with athletes of what is known as the “Main Line”. Kevin continues to work with many elite high school athletes, Division I and II athletes, and professional athletes such as Zach Pfeffer from the Philadelphia Union, Jameer Nelson from the Dallas Mavericks, and Rudy Cerami from the Philadelphia Soul.

In addition to Sports Performance, Kevin also has a strong following in the adult fitness industry. He runs bootcamps and semi private personal training sessions for adults of all ages. No matter what your goal is, be it weight loss, strength training building, or just wanting to feel better, Kevin will be there ready to help.


Below are just a handful of DEA Strength Trainings accomplishments.


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